Getting to know your audience - a key to the successful marketing plan

  • Segmenting your existing customer
  • Collecting online reviews
  • Analysing your audience’s data
  • Looking and evaluating your competitors
  • Conducting surveys

Why is it important to know your audience?

  1. Tailor content to customer needs

How to get to know your audience better?

Segment your existing customer

  • Where do you sell most? Or where are your customers living the most? (Time-zone affected to the time that you should send promotional emails, and take deeper care of your loyal customers)
  • Are they millennials or baby boomers? (Every generation have the needs differently)
  • Are they customers or prospects?
Segment filters

Collect online feedbacks

  • What did they like about your product?
  • The specific problem that they solved by using your product
  • Other things they wished the product included but does not.
Customer feedback examples

Learn through your audience’s collected data

Keep an eye on your competitors

  • What techniques are they using?
  • Why did they use this specific keyword rather than some others?
  • This image better than the ones?

Conduct surveys

Sum up



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